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Help Stop Child Trafficking in Haiti

October 19, 2011
This press release just went live. Feel free to share it with your networks and/or post it on your own blog: Haitian orphanage accused of abuse & trafficking children After continued visits to the Son of God Orphanage in Carrefour, Haiti, six charitable organizations (Adventures in Missions, Bridgeway Church, Timberline Church, Children’s HopeChest, Journey Community Church, and Respire Haiti) have challenged the global community to force the hands of international leaders in the closure and investigation of the facility. According to eye-witness accounts, the children at SOG are alleged to have suffered severe human rights abuses at the hands of the director of the orphanage, Maccene (Max) Hyppolite and his family. Despite consistent delivery of relief for each child, …

Hope & Salvation in Haiti

July 15, 2011
We continue to send short-term teams to Haiti. Steve Hammonds currently serves as Ministry Coordinator for Haiti; World Race alumnus Mark Newland is leading teams this summer in Haiti.  Here are some of their highlights from and reflections of ministry there so far. Steve’s been in Haiti since the end of May and here’s how God’s been moving: Twenty-six people, as of July 13, 2011, have been baptized! One team led a family of four to salvation.  This family stopped Steve and the team in the street: …They wanted to give their lives to God and asked us to help them do that. We walked them back to their house and all at once, the entire family accepted God into their hearts and lives! God is healing all sorts of illness! Fourteen yea…

People Keep Asking If We’re Making a Difference in Haiti: A Video

June 6, 2011
Josh Lawson and several others from Journey Community Church of La Mesa, CA have been partnering with Church of God Mission by Faith in Carrefour (just outside of Port-au-Prince), Haiti.  Nearly a year and half since the earthquake first struck, there’s still much to be done. Haiti may have faded out of the news cycle awhile ago, but not from Journey Church’s heart and mind (and certainly, God hasn’t forgotten at all). Josh has been to Carrefour three times and on Friday will be heading back to Haiti to lead a trip through our Church-to-Church ministry.  He’ll be going again in September with a team from Journey. It’s not just about serving the people in Haiti and getting things done; it’s about building friendships and strengthening the bonds between the var…

What Is the Solution for Haiti?

January 13, 2011
I just read an excellent blog post by Adam McLane, remembering the one-year anniversary of the earthquake. As you may remember, Adam was one of our first Haiti mission trip team members as part of the Youth Ministry Advance Team. He makes a compelling argument for why the solution to Haiti’s continued struggles is you (and me). Here is an excerpt:   A year ago the earth shook and the world changed. Billions were given. Tens of thousands have gone to help. Yet not much has changed. The poor suffered. The rich got richer. More people died needlessly. The UN has effectively lied, spending money studying and asking questions while accomplishing little. And America sleeps in their comfy beds tonight feeling like they…

Hope Empowers Haiti

January 12, 2011
It’s been a year since the earthquake hit Haiti; Patti Gibbons shares her love for this nation, which has grown over half a decade and her experience of ministry last month in Port-au-Prince.  In a sweltering summer music festival exhibit tent, I talked with the missionary to Haiti in the neighboring booth; it was the first time I felt that tug on my heart.  She spoke lovingly about Haiti’s people, clearly about the spiritual challenges there, and passionately about reasons she saw for the pervasive generational poverty which kept the people there oppressed.   That conversation was five years ago. Every time Haiti was in the news — hurricanes, political unrest — I would remember her words and offer a prayer for her family’s ministry there.  That was e…

200 Hours of Prayer for 200 Years of Reclamation

November 10, 2010
Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has had a presence in Haiti, in St. Marc, since 1991.  In 2008, there was a vision to establish a YWAM base in Port-au-Prince, which was realized days after the earthquake struck in January of this year.   Fire and Fragrance is a ministry YWAM that pairs prayer and missions together.  Several YWAM missionaries based in Kona, Hawaii with Fire and Fragrance, have been ministering not only with their worship and intercession but also by bringing hands-on relief.    These missionaries have been spearheading a prayer initiative that will begin November 20th and continue through November 28th, the day of Haiti’s national election, to mobilize churches in Haiti to intercede for the nation.   From their website: In Psalms 127, …

1 God + 2 Churches + 3 Years = A Clinic

October 14, 2010
  Relevant magazine recently featured one of our church-to-church partnerships: Pastor Edouard Clerhomme of the Church of God Mission by Faith church (Carrefour, Haiti) and Pastor Ed Noble of the Journey Community Church (La Mesa, CA, USA): Since this [initial] meeting [in May], Journey and Mission by Faith have formalized their new partnership. Journey sent a five-person team to visit in early July to continue assessing needs and ways they can support Mission by Faith church and to continue deepening relationships between the new partner churches. As Journey covers their activities in prayer while providing small business loans to church members and [stocking] the medical clinic… in [the] community… The clinic was a promise that took years to fulfill. One day, four years a…

On Safari In Haiti

October 8, 2010
I was relaxing on my cot in the room I share with Brandon, Aaron and Michelle, and Jeff and Alycia and their daughter Brittney Hylton, a family from Georgia.   A beautiful worship service was going on below us in the house. All of a sudden, a pair of vicious super-strong, flying … Pope and young cockroaches were discovered.   Michelle’s scream of distress brought Aaron, Brandon, and Jeff running, followed by Clint with the broom. One cockroach met his demise (amidst a lot of yelling and screaming), but the second one escaped into the safety of the jungle beneath my cot.   At this point, Aaron and Brandon went into their expert hunting mode, tracking on their knees, with a headlamp and shoe especially designed for the situation. They quickly zoned in on t…

Making a joyful noise in Haiti

October 8, 2010
If I could bring one tangible piece if Haiti with me, it would be their music.   Bongo drums, homemade percussion instruments, voices full of praise for the Lord and joy in Him, penetrated with occasional claps – music you have to move to, you have to join in with!! We have had the privilege, and I may be the only one on the team who considers it a privilege, of hearing this beautiful praise nearly every evening until past 10, and waking up to it at 4 a.m. almost every day.  This… I will truly miss Sunday night. 🙁   This music is one of the simplest and sweetest ways we are able to join with believers from their cultures and languages. We may not know the words of each others’ songs, but we can fully enter into worship with them, praise the Lord!

Haiti – spiritual warfare – Our God Reigns!

October 8, 2010
Wow, time flies! We can’t believe that we only have 2 more days of ministry left here in Haiti – there seems to be so many things that God is showing us that need to be done and so little time to do it in! Today we did another medical clinic at the local church and VBS at the orphanage.   One highlight was that we were able to buy 47 mattresses for the orphanage – check out the video on this blog. The kids response was better than Christmas morning.   This afternoon we were able to do a “food drop” at a church in a local tent city. This was a little scary for us as we have heard many stories of trucks carrying supplies being jumped and even people being killed on these drops. But God was with us from beginning to the end and we were never in harm’s way.   We…