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200 Hours of Prayer for 200 Years of Reclamation

Youth With A Mission (YWAM) has had a presence in Haiti, in St. Marc, since 1991.  In 2008, there was a vision to establish a YWAM base in Port-au-Prince, which was realized days after the earthquake struck in January of this year.   Fire and Fragrance is a ministry YWAM that pairs prayer and missions together.  Several YWAM missionaries based in Kona, Hawaii with Fire and Fragrance, have been ministering not only with their worship and intercession but also by bringing hands-on relief.    These missionaries have been spearheading a prayer initiative that will begin...

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A Look Into Ministry in Haiti-Medical Clinics

Health is an important concern to most of us.  Unfortunately here in Haiti, proper healthcare and nutrition is not always available or affordable.  If a team comes down with medical experience, a clinic is a great ministry opportunity for a community.                                                       Many of the problems people come in with are common and easily treatable with over the counter drugs or basic antibiotics.     A...

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A Look Into Ministry in Haiti-Sports Ministry

It is probably no surprise that Haitians love soccer.  When they are not busy working or at school they are playing or watching it. It is an integral part of their culture.  Other sports are not as common here, although they will shoot some hoops or toss a football around.  Sports ministry is a great way to connect with people, especially ones who are not likely to come to a church service.    Last week we had a team of 25 participants from an FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) group from Schoolcraft, Michigan.  They were able to use their sports skills to...

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Meeting with Deacon Geliere

The following blog was written by Lanny Richardson who is currently serving in Haiti.    On this day, we met with the deacon of the church across the street from the “tent” city God led us to.  Watch this video as Mark, one of our Set-Up Leaders here in Haiti, describes his heart.   One of the most interesting facts discovered in this interview was that God led us to meet this deacon and a few church members while their pastor was away from the church serving food to 100s of mentally ill in another town.   Only God could have led us to this...

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Four Months Without Help

They need shelter from their shelters.  It has been four months since the earth shook with an intensity previously unknown to the residents of Port-Au-Prince. Millions of dollars in aid has been sent to Haiti. Hundreds of thousands of tents and tarps have been distributed amongst the displaced. But for the roughly 3,500 who live in Kdatp there has been no help. There is still no relief. Instead of sleeping on bedsheets, they sleep beneath them – frail, tattered pieces of cloth held up by sticks, blown easily by the wind and leaving little protection from the rain and disease carrying...

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