A Look Into Ministry in Haiti-Medical Clinics

Health is an important concern to most of us.  Unfortunately here in Haiti, proper healthcare and nutrition is not always available or affordable.  If a team comes down with medical experience, a clinic is a great ministry opportunity for a community. 

 Many of the problems people come in with are common and easily treatable with over the counter drugs or basic antibiotics.

A lot of the patients are mothers with their children.  Malnourishment is common among the children who just need basic nutrition.

 Team members with medical experience use translators to communicate with patients to understand their problems and offer diagnosis’ and treatments.

One of the most essential elements of doing a clinic is the prayer circle where non-medical participants can pray and minister to the patients. 


 Every team gets a certain amount of ministry money to serve the community they work in.  For a clinic this ministry fund can be used towards buying medicines and over the counter drugs that can be too expensive for some to get.
Teams set up a make shift pharmacy with the supplies they get.  Participants with any pharmacy experience are extremely helpful here.

 In addition to any necessary medicines, patients may also receive other essential health items such as vitamins, diapers, baby formula, and dental products.


 A healthy body is a happy body!