Haiti Quake Turns Thousands of Children into Orphans

This 5-month-old patient at the field hospital has a number rather than a name.
No one even knows who dropped the barely-conscious child at the makeshift medical center after he was pulled from the debris of a collapsed building four days after last week’s catastrophic quake.
Now recovering, doctors have a difficult decision ahead:
“What will we do with him when we are finished?” said Dr. Assa Amit of the hospital’s pediatric emergency department.
No one knows who the boy’s family is, or whether any of his relatives are alive. (Read the full article here.)
It’s questions like these across Haiti that AIM wants to start answering. Who will care for the thousands of babies left without parents?
That’s one of the reasons the setup trip that leaves on Thursday is so important. They’re seeking to find the answers for these questions and others.