Haiti: Letter from AIM’s Executive Director

I recently spoke with Miguel Santiago about his trip to Port-au-Prince this past weekend. He shared with me some of the horrifying things he had seen from the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti exactly a week ago. He told me about the school that had completely collapsed, killing most of the students inside, the woman who was weeping beside the body of her sister who died because she couldn’t receive treatment, and the mass of refugees fleeing Port-au-Prince.


Yet, in the midst of such despair, he saw signs of hope. Local pastors are reporting that people are turning to God in unprecedented ways. One article I read said that reporters were baffled by how Haitian Christians were responding to the earthquake: “They’re not questioning God; they’re thanking God.” What faith and grace.
Later this week, AIM is launching an effort to launch our response to the situation in Haiti. The team will be flying the Dominican Republic as as a first response team. They’ll gather basic info on contacts and travel and will provide immediate relief to the people suffering in Haiti.”
We need your help. Hundreds of thousands are purported to be dead, and millions have been affected.
If you would like to know more about the team we’re sending this week, read Ashley’s post about blog the World Race alumni trip. Many teams will soon follow. We need you to pray for safety, spiritual protection, and opportunities to minister.
You can also follow our regular updates on our work in Haiti by subscribing to this new blog we’ve created: Haiti Earthquake Recovery Updates.
As Miguel recently wrote, this is not a burden, but an opportunity: “A new time is upon us… Let us pour out our lives, the years that it will take, sacrificing what we must to see, one day, the sun rise on a new land in Haiti.”
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Yours for the Kingdom,
Seth Barnes