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Small Loans in Haiti Making Big Impact in God’s Kingdom

Microfinance is one of the primary ways we are committing to helping Haiti.  Matt Loeffler and his wife Tiffany spent one-week in Haiti with AIM; since then, he’s been helping to develop our church-to-church and microfinance programs.  He shares about some of the fruit already being borne from this “seed money”:   Our approach was to have the pastors select a group of individuals from their congregation who they knew to be both successful business owners and solid men & women of faith. This way they had a support network within the church of others...

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Haiti: Here’s How Your Money is Helping Post-Quake

Clint Bokelman, Director of Short Term Missions, shares some of the ways AIM has helped in Haiti; as well as what we are continuing to do.  Haiti Relief trips start this week, apply online if you’d like to Go.  If you’d like to Give you may still do so.  And above all else, please continue to Pray. Responding the Haiti Crisis from Adventures In Missions on Vimeo.

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Haiti: Interview with Pastor Profe – Head of 100 Churches in Haiti

It’s 3 am. I’m too excited to sleep, although my body desperately needs it. I’ve been away for a week, but finally the dust is settling from my feet and we can regroup here in San Juan. We had three American teams on the ground, plus two Dominican churches we mobilized for this past week. There are so many awesome stories of GOD moving in people’s lives. This truly is a powerful moment in the Kingdom.    GOD is speaking clear vision to how HE would have us move, and doors continue to open in where and with whom we can carry the vision out. There is work to do.    We...

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Haiti: Update from the Field

Part of the Haiti team returns today from, while parts remain to provide further logistics set for coming teams. The teams have been a light in the darkness. Please continue to pray for the teams currently in the field and for the thousands of individuals who will follow in their footsteps.   The setup team will be meeting tomorrow after a morning of quiet time, soaking in the Lord, and reflection. They will be discussing each location visited and planning what can be done at each location. They will also be discussing specifics for upcoming teams, so expect to hear more in the coming...

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The Situation in Haiti: Video from Our Founder

Our teams left for Haiti this morning at 4am. They hit the ground running and are beginning to assess the situation, further develop ministry partnerships, and respond to the immediate needs, such as food and water. By the end of this mission, we’ll have more information on what future teams will look like and how soon we can mobilize more people to go and serve.   Here is a video taken this morning from Seth Barnes, explaining our overall strategy and plan (follow the link to watch it):

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AIM’s Plans to Help Haiti Taking Shape

Seth Barnes recently posted this article on his blog about the plans taking shape to help Haiti:   Last night on a Skype call from near the Haitian border, we heard the tragic story of a mother with three children. Her three year-old had her crushed leg amputated at the hip. But even as she clings to life, her mother has to take her on the hard ride back to Port-au-Prince to search for her two siblings who are still lost and possibly dead in the rubble.   She represents the hundreds of thousands, still in a state of shock, trying to cope with the trauma. They desperately and urgently...

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