Haiti Update: Miguel Santiago Back from Haiti

Miguel returned from Haiti and has been swamped with the mapping out the next week.  Here are a couple of updates on what’s been going on.  You can read the full story here. Yesterday was a tough day, full of hard work, and drenched in pain.  A little Haitian girl the same age as my daughter Samantha had a leg removed from the hip.  The mother is returning to Port-au-Prince to search for her other two children who have been on the streets since the earthquake.  I pleaded with her to reconsider taking her daughter in, knowing that without...

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Haiti: Letter from AIM’s Executive Director

I recently spoke with Miguel Santiago about his trip to Port-au-Prince this past weekend. He shared with me some of the horrifying things he had seen from the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti exactly a week ago. He told me about the school that had completely collapsed, killing most of the students inside, the woman who was weeping beside the body of her sister who died because she couldn’t receive treatment, and the mass of refugees fleeing Port-au-Prince.   Yet, in the midst of such despair, he saw signs of hope. Local pastors are reporting that people are turning to God...

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Adventures in Missions: Plan for Haiti Relief

Plans for Haiti Relief Taking Shape – From Our Executive Director   On a recent call from the Haitian border, I heard the tragic story of a mother with three children. Her three year-old had her crushed leg amputated at the hip. But even as she clings to life, her mother has to take her on the hard ride back to Port-au-Prince to search for her two siblings who are still lost and possibly dead in the rubble. She represents the hundreds of thousands, still in a state of shock, trying to cope with the trauma that has hit Haiti. They desperately and urgently need our help.   And...

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