Adventures in Missions: Plan for Haiti Relief

Plans for Haiti Relief Taking Shape – From Our Executive Director
On a recent call from the Haitian border, I heard the tragic story of a mother with three children. Her three year-old had her crushed leg amputated at the hip. But even as she clings to life, her mother has to take her on the hard ride back to Port-au-Prince to search for her two siblings who are still lost and possibly dead in the rubble.

She represents the hundreds of thousands, still in a state of shock, trying to cope with the trauma that has hit Haiti. They desperately and urgently need our help.
Help Haiti ButtonAnd we have to ask, “How does the church respond?”


I work with a group of people who listen to the heart of God and know how to run to where the spiritual battle is most intense. Our first response will be to send Adventures In Missions  reconnaissance teams to the Dominican Republic and Haiti to set up ministries partnerships and provide immediate relief.
Their work will be key in two ways:

1) Taking food, water and medicine
in to the clinics and relief stations with whom we’re partnering.

2) Supporting the work our Dominican Republic base director Miguel Shaul has already begun
in establishing connections with pastors, clinics and communities to work with long-term, so future mission teams will have maximum effectiveness.
These teams will work with Jack Larson, who runs a distribution center that is perfectly suited to take shipments of food, medicine and equipment, and to ship it across the border to those in need. Our overall efforts will be directed by a group of Haitian pastors whom we trust with our safety and spiritual covering.
We’ll soon be sending even more teams: medical, prayer ministry, relief, and reconstruction. Adventures is strategically positioned to make a difference in Haiti through our local contacts and ongoing ministry in the area.
We are planning three waves of teams from now until at least August, each with a different purpose. The first wave is immediate relief; the second will be prayer ministry and intercession; and the third will be deploying groups to help rebuild Haiti. This is not unlike our response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, where we still have a ministry presence and continue to send teams.
Our vision is long-term, because the need is long-term. Our organization has always made it a priority to respond compassionately and responsibly to those most in need, and this is the perfect opportunity for the Body of Christ to rise up and bring tangible hope to a dark corner of the world. And while our teams will be distributing food, water, and supplies, we acknowledge that our hope is eternal. Our groups will also have the opportunity to share the love of God and the good news of Christ with those who feel forgotten, abandoned, and left without hope.
Thank you for your prayers for Haiti and for Adventures’ work there. Thanks also for generously giving enough money to help us already ship a million dollars worth of donated medicine out of Virginia Beach. When Miguel got the news these much-needed medicines were on the way, he said, “Amen!”


You can stay involved. There is still so much more to do. We invite and need your partnership. Adventures in Missions’ response is just one small part of the compassionate action of those who take Jesus at his word. Please talk with one of our staff to see how you might join us.

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For Haiti and the Kingdom,

Seth Barnes
Executive Director

Adventures In Missions

Email: info@adventures.org
Phone: 1.800.881.2461