Haiti: Update from the Field

Part of the Haiti team returns today from, while parts remain to
provide further logistics set for coming teams. The teams have been a light in the
darkness. Please continue to pray for the teams currently in the field and
for the thousands of individuals who will follow in their footsteps.
Haiti - Light in DarknessThe
setup team will be meeting tomorrow after a morning of quiet time,
soaking in the Lord, and reflection. They will be discussing each
location visited and planning what can be done at each location. They will also be discussing specifics for upcoming teams, so expect to hear more in the coming days about opportunities to serve in Haiti.
The team met with 69 pastors, and Miguel Shaul cast the vision of fathering the nation of Haiti, asking them to steward this responsibility, and many were receptive.
A key need right now is for a vehicle to be purchased for transportation
of future mission teams. Public transportation is currently unreliable, as is renting a vehicle. We are praying for an opportunity to locate cheap transportation or for a donation that can go towards purchasing one to help transport mission teams on the ground in Haiti.
The community of Belledere has opened up their homes to the refugees from Port-au-Prince. This community was originally made up of 3,000 people, and now, it consists of 20,000. 
There are plenty of opportunities for ministry: We met pastor who leads a group of over 100 pastors in Port-au-Prince and whose son runs an
orphanage in the same area. We also
have found at least two women in the U.S. who have the capacity to foster at least 20 children here in the United States until they can be adopted.
Our list of contacts on the ground continues to grow, and we are excited about the prospect of soon mobilizing prayer, medical, and ministry teams to this area to see God’s kingdom come to Haiti in new and refreshing ways.