Haiti: Interview with Pastor Profe – Head of 100 Churches in Haiti

It’s 3 am. I’m too excited to sleep, although my body desperately needs it. I’ve been away for a week, but finally the dust is settling from my feet and we can regroup here in San Juan. We had three American teams on the ground, plus two Dominican churches we mobilized for this past week. There are so many awesome stories of GOD moving in people’s lives. This truly is a powerful moment in the Kingdom. 

GOD is speaking clear vision to how HE would have us move, and doors continue to open in where and with whom we can carry the vision out. There is work to do. 
We are very grateful for the people who were able to come and serve, they experienced the suffering, and answered with hope. JESUS is being praised and trusted in by those who never before knew HIS name. 
 Much to come later, possibly post’s from other teammates blogs, but for now thank you so much for your prayers for Haiti. We are living in a special, unique, and urgent time, let us be faithful with what has been allotted to us. In CHRIST – let us run hard!