Haiti Update: Miguel Santiago Back from Haiti

Miguel returned from Haiti and has been swamped with the mapping out the next week.  Here are a couple of updates on what’s been going on.  You can read the full story here.

Yesterday was a tough day, full of hard work, and drenched in pain.  A little Haitian girl the same age as my daughter Samantha had a leg removed from the hip.  The mother is returning to Port-au-Prince to search for her other two children who have been on the streets since the earthquake.  I pleaded with her to reconsider taking her daughter in, knowing that without a miracle the little girl will die.  Many, many people are in the same situation and it is complicated to formulate ways to help them.

Objectives Accomplished:
1. Helped mobilize a church on the border to feed refugees and meet medical needs.
2. Established contacts with doctors in Haiti to whom we can send teams.
3. Formulated long-term plans to facilitate the Haitian church in setting up safe zones.
4. Gained connections and collaboration with the governor of San Juan, Military General, hospital director and many more.

Tomorrow, Miguel goes back in.  He and a few members of the setup team, accompanied by a Dominican military escort and ex-special ops force member, will head back to the border of Haiti.  Their objectives:
1. Meet with hospital representatives to establish the vision for greater safe zones in Fond Paisien (near Jimani).  (See number 3 above).
2. Connect with Pastors from Port-au-Prince to coordinate the Haitian churches’ response to the quake.
3. Setup team will work on logistics for bringing in future teams.

Prayer requests:
1.  Spiritual preparation for battle.
2. Safety.
3. Wisdom and discernment with contacts, and long term vision for teams.
4. That we can meet as many needs along the way as possible.
5. Miguel’s wife and children as they stay behind and hold down the fort.

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