How God Continues to Move on Behalf of Haiti

God’s heart is broken for Haiti and he is activating people all over the world to help.  Here are a couple stories on how the Lord is working:
Ten-year old Brittany has watched as World Race Alum staying in her home have prayed and mobilized for Haiti over the last week. And last night she heard a story of a two-year old Haitian leaving a Dominican hospital wearing bandages dripping with blood and a dry IV bag because her mothere need to return to Port-Au-Prince to find her other children.  Brittany wanted to help, but how?
Then she realized what she could do. Brittany has a dream of owning a horse. For five years she has been putting money in a jar to save up and buy a horse. She has been a great saver. Everything goes into that dream. 
And Brittany realized, “I can help the people of Haiti by trading in my dream of a horse and giving the money to them.” So she emptied her piggy bank and gave everything she owned and saved for, to the people of Haiti. 

RELEVANT Magazine recently published an article covering Teri Gunnink’s time in Haiti. Read the full version here.  

While driving through Port-au-Prince, Gunnink and her team were advised by local missionaries to make no sudden movements or distractions. Haiti’s average daily income is around one dollar, so it’s not uncommon for vehicles to get hijacked and robbed when they are stopped, as many Haitians are simply trying to find a way to survive.

One night, as the orphans were preparing for bed, an adorable 4-year-old girl named Claudia crawled up in Gunnink’s lap and fell asleep in her arms. “It was the single most precious thing that has ever happened to me,” Gunnink says. “The child was at peace. As I held her close and felt her heartbeat on my chest, I began to wonder, Where were her parents? Did she have memories of them? Had she ever felt love before? Claudia had my heart.”

The Lord mobilized Teri’s heart to make a difference in Haiti over a year ago.  And she’s using that as motivation now, to help mobilize others to help, as she, herself, waits for the Lord to send her back.