Hope Continues to Arise from the Ashes of Haiti

Haiti’s three days of national prayer ended yesterday. We were able to cover the final two days of prayer, because the blogging team arrived in Haiti after the first day. Now, they share the results of the three days the country spent fasting and praying.  

The hope that is arising in Haiti is staggering. Seth Barnes and Tim Schmoyer share some of what they have experienced with the nationals, and Anne Jackson shares another video of Haitians rejoicing for Jesus.

Seth: So many things have been crushed in Haiti: people, homes, and government buildings. You’d think that hope would be one of them. Today we saw where a building had tumbled down on a man, snuffing his life out, leaving his blood and his shoes behind in the rubble. You’d think hope was lost in the rubble too. 
But what we’re seeing has defied all our expectations. 
So many of us have been praying that the kingdom would come for much of our lives. After all Jesus told us to pray that way. Frankly, I didn’t used to have much of an idea what that even meant. As much as Jesus talked about it, it remained an obscure concept. 

But here in Haiti, I’m seeing the kingdom come. The Spirit is not just falling, he’s going viral and spilling out into every street corner.
Tim: I have talked to many, many random Haitians over the past several days and every single one of them talks about Jesus within the first 5 minutes of the conversation, even if you don’t bring Him up. When I ask if they are upset with God or questioning Him for the tragedy, not a single one says yes. In fact, it’s just the opposite – they appear shocked that I could even suggest such a thing. They are all worshiping Him for sparing their lives and for sending the earthquake to soften their hearts and deliver them from Santeria. There is literally dancing in the streets!

As I pray with Haitians, many of them do not ask me to pray for [their physical] needs, they ask me to pray for their spiritual needs. Just this morning several Haitians said to me, “Ask God to transform my heart,” and, “Pray God will make me a mighty man of prayer,” and, “I want you to pray that God will teach me the Bible more.” I don’t even know when I’ve ever heard prayer requests like that… or when I’ve even asked of those things for myself. So I pray for them, and they in-turn pray for me with a passion that makes my prayers feel so weak and insignificant.