Update on AIM’s Involvement in Haiti

AIM is sending teams to the border of Haiti on Wednesday and Thursday.  We will be helping out in the hospitals and camps as thousands of refugees flood the Dominican Republic. Here’s the latest from what we’ve heard on the ground:

Dan Wooley from Compassion International in HaitiPeople are still being rescued.
Daniel Woolley, of Compassion International, is rescued from the Montana Hotel, where he spent 60 hours pinned under rubble. Touching his face is Mondesir Luckson, a bellboy who was also trapped in the ruins and with whom he was able to communicate.
Thousands, however, are still trapped and may not survive.  
As we posted earlier,
Miguel encountered a school where a thousand children died when it
collapsed last Thursday.  If you haven’t gotten a chance to watch the
video, take a couple moments and see the area for yourself that used to be a Haitian school:

In the midst of all this, the tenacity of many’s faith, is being shown.   
Trapped in HaitiWe’re getting reports about how the tragedy in Haiti is actually strengthening some people’s faith in God. While the earthquake demolished their church, some Haitians simply met in a nearby park.
One reporter seemed almost incredulous at the faith he was encountering in Haitian Christians: “Everyone we’ve spoken to – they’re not questioning God; they’re thanking God.” You can read the full article at Ron Hutchcraft’s blog
Please pray for Marcia Borg and her son Sam as they touch down on Wednesday. Our first-response team of World Racers touches will be visiting the Dominican-Haiti border on Thursday to scout out long-term solutions and get more stories. We will keep you apprised in real time as information comes through.
Funds are still greatly needed. If you’d like to continue to give, you may do so by clicking the following link: Haiti Earthquake Relief.