Young Haitian Delivered from the Hands of a Witch Doctor

I don’t know exactly what we expected walking into his home, but I know that
it wasn’t what we found.

The tent seemed to exhale as we opened
its door, and it expelled a torrent of heat. I could not begin to imagine
staying inside these tarpaulin walls all day as sweat
instantly formed against my skin; yet, this is Evansbord’s life everyday.

Evansbord was taken to a witch doctor at two months old.
Before me was the result of this choice by his parents. He was
lying on the tent floor, knees to his chest, feet crossed flat against
himself; he has spent 15 years in this same position.
Aside from moving his
arms, his head and a few grunts, Evansbord was immobile and mute. Little
did he know how his life was about to change. Little did we know how
our lives were about to change.

Evansbord’s home was destroyed in
the earthquake; yet, he survived. He was discovered 24 hours
later, surrounded by rubble but virtually unharmed.

This week, as
we visited him and his family in the tent community, our hearts were burdened to see God move in his life. So the team prayed.
team members visited and spent time interceding for Evansbord. One
participant, a physical therapist, examined him and said that physically
there was no reason for him to be in such a condition. Diagnosis: It
had to be spiritual.

Thursday, the team gathered and prayed…
and prayed… and prayed. After hours of seeking God on behalf of this
child and his family, the team retrieved a tarp, used water from their
water bottles, and created a baptismal on the spot.

Evansbord was smiling, laughing, uttering his first words.

morning, Evansbord was crawling. Friday afternoon, he was playing and
throwing a ball.

He is a transformed boy, joyous and responsive.
The entire community has witnessed this and been astounded.

Evansbord’s life is changed.

His family is changed.

His community is changed.

The team members are changed.

am changed.
Below is a clip, taken by one of the participants, of Evansbord being baptized.