Walking Through Acts in Haiti

“It was like walking through the book of Acts” is how one of our
participants recently described his day of ministry here in Haiti.

Pastor Mercy’s church American men worked alongside Haitian men to lay a
foundation for their new building. In another spot on site a team
member shared his testimony with several interested listeners. Another
participant was surrounded by children and the joyful sounds of Papa
Abrahim reverberated across the land. Others worked hand in hand with a
medical team from a different organization to see physical needs being
met. And still others prayer walked around the community, visiting homes
and spending time with families.

“It was so amazing to see
people walking out the giftings God has given them and how all the
pieces fit so perfectly together,” he continued.

His words paint a
picture of how the body of Christ is meant to operate. “The body is a
unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are
many, they form one body.
” (I Corinthians 12:12). We get to see this
principle lived out daily here in Port-Au-Prince.

Last week we
had a group that came together from all over the States to form a team.
For many of them their first meeting was here in Haiti. Twelve different
personalities, backgrounds, etc. coming to do ministry.

into an unknown group is always a little akward, but the group melded
quickly, diving in wholeheartedly, open to God moving and expectant. By
the end of the week you wouldn’t have guessed that they had met only a
few days before.

Not only was a physical foundation laid in
Pastor Mercy’s community but a spiritual one as well because they
recognized that each person was a piece of the puzzle for the week, each
person a part of the body of Christ with something to offer (I Cor
12:27). They got it and God not only touched the lives of our Haitian
brothers and sisters but He used the experience to transform each team
member as well.

Lives are being changed here, would you consider
being a part of that? Please pray about what role God has for you to
help the church in Haiti.

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