Haiti: I came to minister but got ministered too

There was a girl in the orphanage sitting while others were playing games. I felt like going over and holding her so I went over and picked her up.  I held her and just looked into her eyes and could see what she had been through, the trials and tribulations.
I put her down about an hour later and let her go upstairs with the other kids to do VBS. When she came down stairs after VBS she came looking for me and found me. After carrying her around for another 45 minutes, I took a break and stepped out to the courtyard which was up the stairs, about 30 feet.
I looked down and saw her and just got happier; I just had to hold her again and did for another hour and a half. Just when we were about to leave she started singing to me, and she was very ticklish.
As we headed back to the base I was thinking about how this little girl MINISTERED to me!  She was only 3 and could barely walk, couldn’t talk, but she did sing to me. The joy I saw in her eyes when I was holding her; I wish to keep that memory.  
I wanted to go to the soccer outreach in the afternoon, but felt like the Lord was leading me to go back to the orphanage… Not to help with VBS but just to be there… To be there for that little girl named Beashay. Please pray for her.