A Life Laid Down

His forsaking occurred before the nation was shaken to its core but
because of his disowning an orphanage full of girls had their lives

Charlie is just an infant. Logically he should have
never been brought to the Fleury Foundation: he is too young.

the girls who live there would not be found outside in a field under
the blazing sun but that is where the happened to be when the earthquake
destroyed their home, their church, their school, their hospital and
their bakery. They were learning how to care for their new baby brother.

46 girls were spared that day, in a city where an estimated 90% of
buildings were destroyed and thousands of lives were lost. The only
person at the orphanage who died was their house mother and she perished
protecting one of the girls.

Charlie is just one small part of a
story full of sacrifice and the miraculous.

Below is a short
clip of Clint Bokelman, director of short term missions with AIM,
telling Charlie’s story.