Meeting with Deacon Geliere

The following blog was written by Lanny Richardson who is currently serving in Haiti. 


On this day, we met with the deacon of
the church across the street from the “tent” city God led us to.  Watch
this video as Mark, one of our Set-Up Leaders here in Haiti, describes
his heart.

One of the most interesting facts discovered in this interview was
that God led us to meet this deacon and a few church members while their
pastor was away from the church serving food to 100s of mentally ill in
another town.
Only God could have led us to this church on the very day out of a 2
year rotation!  What do I mean?  One day in a 2 year rotation, this
church pastor and leaders go to the Mental Hospital to provide a meal
for those of the country who are in the mental institution.  The next
year they go one day of the year to the jail to share Jesus and feed the
Can you imagine a church body of 180 who have lost almost
everything in the earthquake taking the time and very limited resources
to serve their fellow man in need?  I was moved beyond understanding at
how God spoke through this leader and their church leader’s example.  My
heart was gripped with conviction.
Would we take the time to be the hands and feet of Jesus when our
houses are in rubble, our church is partially collapsed, our place of
employment is no longer in business, etc.?
What would you do?  You can help AIM be the hands and feet of Jesus
to Haiti as you …