People Keep Asking If We’re Making a Difference in Haiti: A Video

Josh Lawson and several others from Journey Community Church of La Mesa, CA have been partnering with Church of God Mission by Faith in Carrefour (just outside of Port-au-Prince), Haiti.  Nearly a year and half since the earthquake first struck, there’s still much to be done.

Haiti may have faded out of the news cycle awhile ago, but not from Journey Church’s heart and mind (and certainly, God hasn’t forgotten at all). Josh has been to Carrefour three times and on Friday will be heading back to Haiti to lead a trip through our Church-to-Church ministry.  He’ll be going again in September with a team from Journey.
It’s not just about serving the people in Haiti and getting things done; it’s about building friendships and strengthening the bonds between the various members of the body of Christ. Josh will be going to Haiti in December to attend the wedding one of the translators. Going to Haiti isn’t all work; even there, we still get to celebrate life and love.
The video that Josh put together (below) features photos taken at the Son of God orphanage.  Watch to see his response to the question, “Are you making a difference in Haiti?”