What Is the Solution for Haiti?

I just read an excellent blog post by Adam McLane, remembering the one-year anniversary of the earthquake. As you may remember, Adam was one of our first Haiti mission trip team members as part of the Youth Ministry Advance Team. He makes a compelling argument for why the solution to Haiti’s continued struggles is you (and me). Here is an excerpt:
A year ago the earth shook and the world changed.

Billions were given.

Tens of thousands have gone to help.

Yet not much has changed.

  • The poor suffered.
  • The rich got richer.
  • More people died needlessly.
  • The UN has effectively lied, spending money studying and asking questions while accomplishing little.
  • And America sleeps in their comfy beds tonight feeling like they did something because they texted a donation to the Red Cross.

We’re left now with more questions than answers.

  1. If the international aid organizations aren’t going to do something, who is?
  2. People are stealing aid given while government pockets are filled
    with bribes, who will prosecute perpetrators when the government is the
    worst offender?
  3. How can we help this country get back on its feet while at the same time lessening dependencies on the outside world?
  4. When will the colonial view on international missions be put away
    and replaced with working alongside of Haitians to build housing for
    people in tent cities, advocates standing for justice, and training of
    teachers, city planners, and tradespeople begin?
  5. Where is the army of Sean Penn-like camp managers?
  6. Who will hold accountable those who make empty promises?
The answer to all of these questions is you.
Read the rest of the Adam’s post: What have you done for me lately?

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