On Safari In Haiti

I was relaxing on my cot in the room I share with Brandon, Aaron and Michelle, and Jeff and Alycia and their daughter Brittney Hylton, a family from Georgia.
A beautiful worship service was going on below us in the house. All of a sudden, a pair of vicious super-strong, flying … Pope and young cockroaches were discovered.
Michelle’s scream of distress brought Aaron, Brandon, and Jeff running, followed by Clint with the broom. One cockroach met his demise (amidst a lot of yelling and screaming), but the second one escaped into the safety of the jungle beneath my cot.
At this point, Aaron and Brandon went into their expert hunting mode, tracking on their knees, with a headlamp and shoe especially designed for the situation.
They quickly zoned in on their prey, luring him into the open, Jeff assumed the position of prayer warrior over the hunt… Just as brave as being a hunter 😉
then … BOOM! (ok, slap and squish) the hunt was successful!
A cheer went up from Michelle, Alycia, Brittney, and myself. And once again , we were able to listen to the worship service going on below.