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Haiti in Photo

     Beyond the destruction that caught the eyes of the world…   Beyond the endless mounds of rubble, rebar, dust and destroyed homes…   In the midst of the city chaos…           There is resiliency….                                                        ...

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Processing a Life Changing Trip When I Stayed Home

Christina Robertson’s husband Ian was a part of the YMATH team in February.  And when he returned she struggled with feeling left behind; and then realized she could allow herself to be transformed from his experience as well. Ian left for Hati and returned seven days later. Twenty-four hours after he returned we were on the road driving up to Big Bear for a family vacation. Two days later, we were driving home and I found myself processing some very honest words out loud.     “I think I’m a little jealous of Haiti.”  “Why?”  “Because...

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Tim Schmoyer Returns to Haiti with His Youth Group

Tim Schmoyer, a member from the Youth Ministry Advance Team that went to Haiti in February, returned to Haiti with a group of youth to bring relief and hope. He has been posting updates on the trip via Twitter. Here are some highlights as well as a brief video from some of the youth about what they’ve been doing… http://twitpic.com/1i67f4 We’re here at Pastor Christian’s house, tents setup, gone through some orientation and chilling before dinner #fb -April 24th   http://twitpic.com/1iffwm Good 2.5 hr church service this morning. Crosbee/Steve shared in front...

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