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Haiti Earthquake: Adventures in Missions’ First Response

Thank you to everyone who has been praying and sharing concern for our neighbors in Haiti.   As we speak we are coordinating with other NGO’s here in San Juan to mount an emergency response to those affected by the earthquake that occurred yesterday evening (see previous posts). Four hours Southwest from our home of San Juan lays the Dominican city of Jimani which is only about 40 miles east from the hardest hit area of Haiti.   Our hope is to be able to travel to Jimani early tomorrow morning, bringing supplies with us.    If the borders are not too difficult, Miguel...

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Purchasing Supplies for Earthquake in Haiti

Miguel and Ronnie hope to leave for Haiti late tonight. Right now we are picking up supplies, as much as we can stuff in our backpacks. There is no telling what we are going to find so we hope to stay light and mobile. Haiti has a strong history of security issues so we do ask for your prayers for our safety as we travel.   Our hope is to get into Haiti as early as midday tomorrow and return to San Juan on Saturday. Since the bulk of the worlds resources are heading to PORT-AU-PRINCE, we are looking for overlooked smaller communities that will be last on the list to receive help. Please...

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