Supplies for the Son of God Orphanage

The Son of God Orphanage is currently under investigation for trafficking children. Read our official press release for more.

“We have been praying for years for mattresses.”

That one
sentence has remained in my mind for the past week, floating around and
resurfacing, calling me to ponder .

Last Wednesday, after two
days of searching Port-Au-Prince and negotiating with vendors for the
best price, three trucks loaded down with 46 mattresses and one baby bed
arrived at the Sons of God Orphanage in Carrefour. The answer to years
of prayers for those who care for the 124 children residing there.

Veale recounts some of the reactions to Wednesday’s delivery in his
blog, below are a few quotes:

These kids were overjoyed! 
We were  mobbed with smiles and  hugs.

We prayed a blessing over the
orphanage and played quickly with them. A week earlier we had stocked
them up pretty well with food and water…However, as I stood there,
Pastor Max and wife came up to me brimming…He held back tears and was
speechless as she started talking once again with me. In all honesty I
don’t even remember everything she said because I felt like there was
one thing after another that just hit me in the gut…

“We’ve been praying for
YEARS for mattresses…”

“The government keeps giving us trouble and trying to
shut us down because we don’t have proper places for kids to sleep…”

“I’m not going to be able to
sleep for a week…”

“We need to have a feast tonight and Thank God…”

Word after word of
thankfulness exuded out of them as I choked back tears. I had two little
boys clinging to me. One man who helps take care of the kids came up to
me in sheer delight that we had even thought to bring a baby bed for
the little girl that normally has to sleep on the stone table…

the team returned and further blessed the orphanage with school, craft
and personal hygiene supplies. Since Pastor Max is also a doctor running
a medical clinic among the provisions was a bag full of band aids,
vitamins, antibiotics, gauze, and other first aid supplies.

is a clip from Friday’s supply drop.