School Reopens in Leogane

Remember The College Frere La Rochecafould — the school in
Leogane that was completely destroyed in the earthquake, yet none of the
students were harmed?
The pastor told us that if he could just get the
supplies he could get a team of people to rebuild the school. (If you
need a refresher, you can find the story here and see the video
with Pastor Ambroise.)

Friday I was able to catch
the last few minutes of a class in session. A little over a month after
we first met with Pastor Ambroise classes resumed at the school.

of rubble and debris have been removed and in some places leveled.
There are two brand new buildings on the property constructed this time
of lumber and tin. New chalkboards adorn the walls already dusty and
covered with the letters and numbers from a recent lesson taught, while
rows and rows of new wooden desks wait in expectation of their pupils’

There are currently 42 teachers voluntarily working
since the school cannot afford to pay them. Before the earthquake the
school provided food and water for its students but they do not have the
funds now.

Regardless of set backs, they are still moving forward. From the
information we could gather there are about 250 students in
class every morning from 7:00 to noon (7:00-11:00 on Fridays) and
another 250 older students in the afternoons.

Below are a couple of videos from my most recent visit to the school