Haiti in a Photo Blog

 The Presidential Palace that was flattened during the January 12th earthquake.
 Talking to some locals in front of the Presidential Palace.  They shared with us their experiences since the earthquake.  Many are looking for jobs and of course, food and more permanent shelter.

Signs of revival are everywhere in Port Au Prince.  This crisis has brought thousands of Haitians to God.  They can be heard singing his praises daily.

Coming home to family under tarps.
Pastor Wilnaord is one of the pastors that is in AIM’s church-to-church program.  The goal is to pair up a Haitian church with an non-Haitian church to encourage and support each other.
 Pastor Wilnaord’s church also has an elementary school attached with it.  These children are privileged to go to school because there is no public school system in Haiti. 
 Pastor Edward is another pastor in the church-to-church program.  We met with him inside his church to hear his vision for his church and how God is moving in his congregation.
Praying and encouraging pastor Edward after we met with him.