A Look Into Ministry in Haiti-VBS

Ministry takes all different forms here in Haiti.  There is so much need, and so much to do it’s hard to cover it all in one short term trip.  Still the teams that come through during their week trips really impact the lives they meet and leave lasting impressions.  The following is the first part in a photo-series of a more in depth look at the ministry that we are a part of in Haiti.  The first look is VBS.
 VBS begins with a series of songs and icebreakers
 The children love the hand motions, even if they don’t understand the words to the songs.   They do their best to learn new English songs.
 “Clap a friends hand, clap a hand next to you, clap a friends hand and sing ‘Alleluia'”
After singing songs, teams will tell a bible story or teach a memory verse with the children.
 Noah and the Ark is a popular story to tell

Acting out all the animals is by far the favorite part of the story.
 God’s promise to never flood the world again is symbolized by all the colors of the rainbow.

They children spend the rest of the time coloring, doing crafts, and playing with their new friends.
Even the translators and big kids take a break to color
 Showing off his beautiful artwork.
 The participants and children make some lasting relationships that neither will ever forget.
 Spending time with children like this plants seeds that will grow for the rest of their lives.  They will always remember the day the American missionaries came to visit, even if they forget your names.
 The day is ended by closing in prayer with everyone.