Seeing Haiti through His eyes

Tonight we stood on a roof top in the midst of a beautiful, devastated Haiti and praised the Lord. Thunder rumbled through the sky, lightning flashed, and we were not afraid. At least not very afraid. Everything is different here. I wish you could see it. 

The God who fashioned the world is re-molding our hearts. He is teaching us to see through His eyes. To hug the orphans with the snotty nose. To hold the diapered infants even at the risk of an unexpected overflow. (talk to kristi)

He is teaching us to ask for His voice and hear and obey when He comes. He is teaching us to give ourselves first to Him and then to the world. He is teaching us that Haiti in all her poverty, unccertainty, and pain is well loved. She is well loved by the same God who loves us. The same God who loves you. We know that He will. 

Thanks for the prayers!!