Continuing to See Hope Emerge in Haiti

Liz Froba just returned from Haiti and shares the following.  Ian Robertson, a videographer from the YMATH team shares about meeting Michelle.  Michelle, if you remember, was the lady who tried to save her twin boys and lost both of them, one broken into three pieces in her arms.   

I’m not really sure what to say that will do justice to the mass destruction I saw today as I drove through the streets of Port-au-Prince. Smells wafted through the air, buildings were destroyed, people were everywhere, tent cities seemed to be every 500 feet,  and there was nothing I could do but pray. We saw the Capital Building and even though I saw the image a million times on CNN it was different to see it live and take it in. It is amazing the amount of destruction and lives that can change in a mere 45 seconds. That isn’t a real long time in the grand scheme of things, but then again, imagine shaking uncontrollably for that long. Not something I want to try anytime soon. 
Haiti has always been an extremely impoverished country. This is my sixth time in Haiti and the need here has always been great. I think the question many have asked is why God? Why would you allow this to happen? I know you are sovereign and working, but what are you doing? You could’ve stopped this and you could clean it all up with the snap of your fingers if you wanted, so why? 
Why are you allowing your people that you love to suffer and starve while I live in a comfortable home in America with far more than I actually need. We visited 2 towns on the outskirts of Port today. We went to Leogane and Petit Goave. Both were hit pretty hard. A 25 year old girl who was trapped after the earthquake in her house gave us a tour around the local refugee camp. The children ran and hugged us as we walked through the tent city; like any other kid they begged for their picture to be taken and giggled every few seconds. 
One thing that rings true everywhere in the world is that kids will be kids. It gave me HOPE. At both locations we were able to bless the people with bags of food and money. Every person got a bag with: rice, beans, sugar, tomato paste, oil, sardines, and oats. They also got canned food, toothbrushes, toothpaste and money. Even though it seems trivial to give out 300 food bags when so many people have needs it gave me HOPE. That is what God gave us to give out, so we obeyed. 
Sister Gladys is pretty unreal. To watch her give and give and give has challenged me more than anything else this week. She is a cheerful giver and loves to bless others. Every word out of that women’s mouth is another ounce of wisdom and truth. I’m just trying to soak it all in while I’m here. 
This blog is kind of random. I don’t really have a point and I haven’t processed much at all. I’m stuck on why. It is still the question I’m trying to figure out and I probably won’t get an answer anytime soon, which I’m okay with. As we drove home tonight I was praying and I thought about the times in my life I’ve asked that same question. There have been several times actually. I remember when my father died suddenly the day before I turned 17. I was so angry and didn’t understand why God would allow that to happen and especially in the manner that it did. But 14 years later even though I don’t know WHY it happened I have seen God use it in my life and in others. I am a different person because of what I went through. So as I was listening to worship music, looking at stars and praying, I again felt a sense of HOPE for Haiti. HOPE that because of what they have gone through they will be different people. HOPE because God is sovereign over all things, even this earthquake. HOPE because every single person in all creation has a Father who loves them. I’m thankful to be here with my friends. Please keep praying for them and giving as you feel led. You can give at http://www.canaanorphanage.org – I can assure you your money will go to help those in need. 
PS – For all you Canaan lovers, the kids are HUGE. They boys are taller, the girls are 16 going on 25. CRAZY. Even the little ones are growing up. They are still full of smiles and joy too! Come visit them, they miss you and would love to see you!

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