Haiti is still in the headlines

Just through my second day in Haiti, back after one month away. Clint, Neil Bruinsma and I have been preparing for our week long trip that’ll begin tomorrow afternoon when the team from Nebraska arrives. As I write this, the pastor’s family sing worship songs downstairs. I imagine they’ll go for an hour or so, a far cry from their 4-hour session our first night here.
Something Clint said yesterday echoes in my mind as I consider their state… If the gates of hell will not prevail against His church than an earthquake will not prevail against the passion of the church in Haiti. I’ve got a lot to learn from them.
A little update: earlier today we came across a field to host our soccer games, a pastor to facilitate a food distribution to his church and a man of integrity studying the word on the side of the road. Victor invited us into his home, and we prayed and prophesied over him. I look forward to following up with him soon.
Before we even got started, though, we saw God watch our back a couple of times. First off, we showed up to the airport at about 7:00am, thinking we’d have plenty of time before our 10:00am flight. I was fearful of Atlanta traffic and insisted we depart plenty early, for which I caught significant flack. Looking back, though, I think it’s fairly simple to see that this was the Lord guiding us;) As we booked our tickets, we all saw that our flight was actually scheduled to fly out at 8:20 and board at 7:50.
In the end, we made it to the gate with enough time to grab a sandwich and relax just before we boarded.
Then, our first morning here, we got up early and were ready to go with ministry setup. Our translator, John, shows up on time and tells us the unfortunate news that our driver was arrested on the way here and the police were holding our vehicle. What a terrible way to start out! I was thinking, dang! the devil is just attacking us big time. Our first day here and he’s trying to cripple us!
We worshipped and prayed for a bit and then I was sent out with $500 to fetch the thing. When I arrived they asked for $30, gave us a written warning (we need a visa for the vehicle) and sent us on our way. The whole thing took fifteen minutes! And I only gave the guy $28 because he couldn’t make change for two twenties.
God has been showing up and speaking to all of us consistently since we arrived. I’m really looking forward to being a part of the move of God in the group soon.
Please pray that the Lord continues to show up in miraculous ways and that we have a heck of a great time. We’re off to a great start!