Update on Church to Church Trip

The Church to Church team traveled from Miami to Port-au-Prince on

Haiti: Life in RuinsAfter arriving and getting oriented the team toured
the most effected areas of the city. Several team members shared
reflections, photos, and posted to Twitter. Here are some highlights:

took in many things on the tour of the earthquake stricken city
and found hope in girls headed to school.

Oestreicher posted on Facebook, “Driving thru downtown port-au-prince.
Looks better in some ways ans worse in others, compared to when I was
here in late feb. Just loaded a few pics.”

Noble shares his initial thoughts of arriving in Port-au-Prince. Having
traveled a bit some things are what he expected while others jumped out
as vastly different.

Barnes, AIM’s founder and executive director, writes about the efforts AIM takes
to ensure that they are held accountable to donations flowing to Haiti.

McGill compares what she has seen in the city to a war zone.

ways you can take action:
1. Commit to praying for this team and the
pastors they get to know.
2. Contribute to the Church Partnership
Program. The team has set out to raise $35,000 to fund the salaries of
Haitian leaders for the next three years. More info here.
Share this with others. Please forward information to church leaders in
your life. Our hope is that more than 1000 churches would come
alongside and partner with Haitian churches.

Prayer updates:

The forecast is calling for heavy rains on Thursday. Please pray for
the team as they minister in the city.
– Praise God for safe travel
and a healthy team.

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