Haiti Update: Team One Delivers Medical Supplies

We just received this update from team one. 

Team one is in Jimani (border town DR/Haiti). All are safe and healthy. 

This morning they arrived in Jimani not knowing what to expect. Last week our DR staff member Miguel Shaul had made contact with a pastor in Port-au-Prince who needed medical supplies and food. Since then they’ve been unable to contact him due to communication lines being down, they didn’t know what to do so they prayed. 
The team met up with Miguel in Jimani and were praying and discussing options when Miguel jumped from the car saying, “There is the pastor right now!”
The pastor was at a gas station, dropping off a wounded person, and heading back to Haiti. The team were able to immediately hand over ALL the supplies they had gathered in Gainesville – $2200 worth – and put it in the back of the pastor’s truck. 
Tomorrow, the plan is for the pastor to return and the team will meet him with a load of food stuffs they can buy on the DR side. 
They say the hospital is full, but the streets are “normal.” There are lots of aid workers there. They have been talking with two young mothers with young children who were from Port-au-Prince and had fled after the earthquake.  They seemed traumatized – every time a car went by they felt as if another earthquake was coming.   Depending on how things go they may go into a small town near a different border crossing that has gone from its normal population of 3000 to more than 20,000 – people are leaving Port-au-Prince in droves going wherever they can for help. 
Please keep praying as they follow the Lord’s leading.
*photo courtesy of reuters.com

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