The Hope of Haiti and How You Can Help

Stephanie Pridgen, an AIM correspondent who heads to Haiti soon to help facilitate our teams and share the stories of how God’s hand at work.  As she prepares she shares one of the reasons she returns to Haiti…

Babi is a beautiful
boy I met in Haiti. When I was there last year, Babi had arrived after
extensive flooding left him orphaned. Subsequently he still had a
distended belly and was a small, quiet presence.
Babi became one of my shadows, often napping on the porch with me
as we sought respite from the early afternoon sun. The day we were set
to leave the orphanage, he walked the grounds with the team helping us
pray. Part of the time he perched atop my shoulders smiling and the rest
of the time he held tightly to my hand as we journeyed side by side. As
I boarded the van to leave, Babi peeked around the corner reaching for
me one last time with tears in his eyes.
Babi has experienced great tragedy and loss in his young life, but
thanks to Cambry he has also experienced hope.
Two months ago another natural disaster hit Haiti, this time
shaking it to its core and leaving behind many, young and old alike, who
have experienced tragedy and great loss.
But there is hope!

Reports have returned of a major shift in the spiritual atmosphere
of this country long recognized as a spiritually dark place. What the
enemy planned for evil God is using to bring repentance, renewal and

If you would like to help there are still openings in some of our upcoming trips.  You can see a full list here.


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