Haiti: Update from Pastor Prophete

Pastor Prophete, with whom we are partnering with in Haiti and both Teams worked with, recently released this update on his website.  Please continue to pray for the ministry in Haiti and for the supplies to help the Haitians.  Donations will help this ministry in Haiti.  In addition, we hope to have trips up to apply for by the end of the week.

The massive exodus of the Port-au-Prince dwellers that escape from the quake fate has caused a tremendous burden on the mission. Most people in Haiti are afraid to sleep under the concrete roof. They have seen the human loss and tragedy caused by the quake when roofs caved in on them. They sustain a constant fear of sleeping under a concrete roof. 

Because of that the survivors in Port-au-Prince are either sleeping under the stars or leaving the city wandering for a safe haven. Many ladies have been raped by the savage who have no fear of God or whose only way of life is to hurt people regardless of circumstances. Families leave town in large numbers to find a safe place to stay. 
Many of them came to us for lodging, food and treatment. An organization called ‘Adventures in Missions’ has given us chunks of food and water.World Vision has also eased our burden in giving us 40 mattresses. But we are far from getting there due to the increasing number of people. 
We are hosting those we never heard of before, people who have come from the Port-au-Prince churches, neighboring people to the mission facilities of Port-au-Prince, those who are acquainted with friends and those who have heard of this campus and need help with food and medicine. Fortunately the KAH (Food against Hunger) has a remaining portion that adds to the feeding solution of the problem. Thanks to God for donors. 
The small health care unit is full beyond capacity with patients and outpatients. Those who are dismissed have no home to go to. They were sleeping under the stars with a broken leg or arm or wound. We need to provide them with a temporary place to stay. The only way out is to set up tents because schoolrooms are full with people. But this poses a big question: where can we find the tents? 
Besides, those people have no food to eat or water to drink. The provisions made by Adventures in Missions are running down. We need to replenish the stock. So at this time, our pressing needs are: 
– foods of all kinds mainly rice, beans, cooking oil, spaghetti, 
– water 
– medicine like pain pills 
– vitamins
– cough suppressant
– antibiotics
– antacid
– blood pressure medicine
– diabetic medicine and what have you. 
We seriously need tents because we do not have rooms to lodge the people for recovery.
We need to make life a bit easy for the victims. Monetary gifts to buy food are welcome. The stores are timidly opening their doors, but the debris are still everywhere hindering traffic and displaying the somber memory of a very dark moment in the Haitian history. 
Hope will be restored, we are sure as friends to stand by us. We are overwhelmed but our faith is made stronger. As a matter of fact, we are more than conquerors because we realize that life is nothing without God. 
We thank all those who support us and are thinking about supporting the mission in this time of despair and great loss. God will certainly bless you! 
With the KINGDOM in mind, the best is yet to come. 
 Etienne Prophete
HCM Executive Director

*pictures courtesy of Mitch Lathem