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Haiti: In the Midst of Death

This article from Ron Hutchcraft Ministries illuminates the faith rising from the rubble: CNN and other networks went to church today. In Haiti, that is. Because the faith celebrated there today has become part of the story of Haiti’s darkest hour. It’s not a surprise to those of us who have been with these precious brothers and sisters. Some of them live every day with a tenacious faith that sustains them through their grinding poverty. And when they worship, it’s not all buttoned down like so many American churches. It’s exuberant! That’s why the...

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Update on AIM’s Involvement in Haiti

AIM is sending teams to the border of Haiti on Wednesday and Thursday.  We will be helping out in the hospitals and camps as thousands of refugees flood the Dominican Republic. Here’s the latest from what we’ve heard on the ground: People are still being rescued. Daniel Woolley, of Compassion International, is rescued from the Montana Hotel, where he spent 60 hours pinned under rubble. Touching his face is Mondesir Luckson, a bellboy who was also trapped in the ruins and with whom he was able to communicate. Thousands, however, are still trapped and may not survive....

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