Seth Barnes and Team Leave for Haiti Today

Our executive director Seth Barnes and a team of  youth ministry bloggers fly to the Dominican Republic today and then cross over to Haiti.  They are going to serve the most destitute of people. You can continue to follow their travels and experiences on the Facebook page or at this blog. Below, Seth shares the anticipation he feels for the coming week… Today we fly to the Dominican Republic, and the next day we drive over the mountains, across the border, by the lake, and into Haiti, a land where the smell of death hangs in the air like a morning mist.   And I’m...

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How Does God Really Feel About Haiti?

Seth Barnes wrote a blog about how God feels about Haiti, something that was revealed to him earlier this week:   God weeps for his children. He sees the horror they’re experiencing in Haiti and he feels a grief that human words cannot describe. He sees the woman holding her crushed child and he feels the sorrow coursing through her being. He wants to hold her in the same way.   The sovereignty of God is a mystery that seems at odds with a tragedy of this scale. As humans we struggle to explain how a good and omnipotent God can allow it.    Worship is the proper...

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