Haiti: Team One Debriefs their Time on Hispaniola

While in Barahona, they
were able to procure a number of medical supplies from a local pharmacy. Once morning broke, the team continued on to
Jimani where they visited the hospital and the local Red Cross. 
Following these visits,
the team was driving across town when Miguel recognized an influential pastor
by the name of Pastor Profe at a local gas station. Miguel yelled for the
vehicle to stop, jumped out of the car and ran to meet with this pastor. 
Miguel had shared with
the group earlier about meeting Pastor Profe during his initial visit to Haiti
following the earthquake. Pastor Profe serves as the leader for more than 100
Haitian pastors and Miguel had been attempting to contact him to discuss preparations,
but had been unsuccessful at connecting. Following this meeting arranged by
God, the team entrusted the supplies they had purchased earlier to Pastor Profe
for distribution. 
For the remainder of
their time in country, the team continued to purchase supplies in various
Dominican towns. They transported the items to the Haiti border where they met Pastor
Profe, who took the much-needed materials back into Haiti to distribute. During
the afternoons, when the stores would close, the team would go into the
community and minister. 
On the final day of the
teams’ time on the ground, they acquired a large amount of food, blankets and
other necessities and traveled into Haiti to a town called Fond Parisien for
distribution to those with need. 
The team returned home
this past Monday, January 25th.
*photo courtesy of feedmylambs.org

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